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Thanksgiving...we haven’t forgotten you! Introducing...the Thank You Card Project!

October 17, 2017

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Organic Matcha DNA Green Tea!! Muffins!! Yummy!!!

October 18, 2017

I was looking to switch over our green tea to an organic one and I stumbled across Matcha Green Tea...have you heard of it? It's loaded with ten times the antioxidant levels than traditionally brewed green tea...which is what we have been brewing for years! My husband drinks it like it's water. When I looked it up on Amazon, because almost everything I buy that's not at Target or the grocery store is from Amazon (with Prime who can beat the 2 day shipping?!), I found Organic Matcha DNA Green Tea Powder.  




Here he is...Mr. Energizer Bunny...Best Coach I have ever met...Mr. Motivation...he drinks green tea daily! Today I hooked him up with a hot cup of green tea that I made with my handy little Matcha DNA milk frother and my Organic Matcha DNA Green Tea Powder. I added manuka honey and a squeeze of fresh lemon to aid him in beating the cold he is battling. So quick and easy...I felt like a professional frother...if that's a thing. 




Hmmm...a powder instead of tea bags...the foods I could add this to. I often feel like a scientist while making smoothies, with all of the different nutritional boosts in them, plus I make a lot of muffins for us to eat as snacks. I decided to try out the powder in a muffin recipe and they were soooo good! Plus, green tea contains L-theanine, an amino acid that is known for it's relaxing properties, so you don't get the jittery feeling that often accompanies coffee. 


Here is the Matcha Green Tea Muffin Recipe I used from "The Nutty Scoop" blog.


My ingredients:



I made some minor tweaks to it, like substituting Coconut sugar for the unrefined sugar, making mini muffins instead of regular size, and I did not do the glaze on top, because I am trying to slowly break up with Chocolate as it causes issues in my body due to it being a histamine-containing food. Here is a nice blog on "Paleoleap", called "All About Histamines", if you want to read up on it. 


 These Matcha Green Tea Muffins were amazing...light, moist, and crumbly perfection!


I noticed that I felt much clearer and more motivated after eating a couple of these muffins with my eggs and avocado breakfast...which was nice! I hope you enjoy these simple and delightful little muffins!







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